I'm Joseph Summers, a Maryland-based photographer who shoots custom and unique photography sessions locally and around the world. While most of the work I do is in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC (DMV) region, I like to get out there and explore what the Earth has to offer. Seriously, as a wanderlust who blows with the wind, no destination is too far for me (My last International Photography trip was to Ireland!)

I have grown up and made my home in Charles County Maryland, just southeast of our Nation’s Capital, Washington DC! It’s where I met my lovely wife and where we have settled down to raise our family. I have been blessed with an awesome family and a great career as a Paramedic that I love. As a child I had always loved to take pictures; but it wasn’t until after a trip to Monte Carlo in 2015 that I got my first DSLR Camera and then I truly found my passion and potential for photography. I quickly discovered that great photography is more than just pressing the shutter. Not only does every photograph tell a story, but that an artistically captured moment elicits emotion, memories and draws you into the moment for years to come. With my photography work I have been truly blessed to capture the beauty of God’s creation; a child’s wide-eyed innocent smile, the joy and happiness of a newly wedded couple, the wholeness of a family together and the potential of a young adult as they transition to college and begin their way of life. Photography is an art and the world is a blank canvas waiting to be captured thru the artistic use of light, composition and a beautiful smile!

As you'll see from looking through my portfolio, I dig a lot of different types of portrait photography. From weddings to senior sessions to family sessions and more, I'm always game. I'm also an easy guy to talk to and work with, so definitely reach out at your convenience with any questions.


Joseph Summers

How We Work

What to expect before, during and after your shoot.

A photo shoot—whether it’s an engagement, wedding, newborn or family session—isn’t just about the day of. The process can start weeks or even months before, and extends through a post-shoot process to finalize editing, retouching and product delivery.


We’re all about creating a truly personal, truly immersive experience for our clients—and that starts with you. Here’s a step-by-step look at the process, and the important part you play in getting the best pictures:

1)    Before the consultation: This is definitely one of the most fun parts of the process. Check out Pinterest for inspiration on location, poses, props and general styling. Start thinking about your style and what you’re looking for in your session.

2)    The consultation: Ask questions, look through our portfolio and figure out what approach you’d like to see in your session and final prints. If you’ve found great inspiration in step #1, bring print outs or websites along! We’ll discuss how you intend to use the images—save the dates, invites, artwork, framing, etc—and help you refine the message you’re looking to convey within your session.

3)    Finalizing the details: After we determine a location we’ll confirm a date, time and, based on that information, help you finalize apparel, props and poses.

4)    The shoot: The day is finally here! Have fun and relax and you’ll naturally take better photos!

5)    Post Processing: We’ll color correct your images, crop, check for highlights and shadows, and do a bit of retouching. Then we’ll post a few “best of the best” to Facebook or our blog.

6)    The preview: We’ll schedule time post-shoot for a photo preview session, and send you some specials that will be available at the time of your preview so you will know what to plan for. 

7)    Final delivery: Turnaround time for products is based on the specific product you order. Once your final prints/products are available they will be available for pick up in our studio. Or you may opt to have us delivery them to your doorstep if that is more convenient for you. 


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