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I am new to blogging! This is my first blog post, so here goes!

Two years ago I made the leap to develop and expand myself; to share my love and passion for preserving the moments that I had been capturing with every shutter click. I had no idea at the time the journey I would start, the transition and learning process and all that I had to learn. There is more to being a photographer then picking up a camera and pressing the shutter! I have always been complimented on having “the eye” but at the time when I started out I really had no idea what aperture was and the importance of directional lighting to say the least! It has taken a lot of trial and error; photography classes, more practice and networking with other photographers to get me where I am today. It all started when my wife got me a basic Nikon DSLR Camera for Fathers Day in 2014. At the time she (and myself) had no idea the wheels that were set in motion!


I have always loved capturing the happiest and most emotional moments of my children and family. Getting and learning to use that first DSLR has given me the tools to capture the moment as I saw it, to draw the viewer into the emotion and memories of the moments, to draw attention to the story within each photograph. Learning the basics of photography, “the art of capturing light and the use of contrast of light and shadows to define the story” has taken my passion and joy to level of timeless joy and innocent elegance. It wasn’t until that moment that I truly understood the old phase that everyone has heard, that “A Picture is worth a thousand words”. To tell a story with a photograph, to capture the moment and all of its emotions, is why I pick up a camera.

Maryland-Photographer-Toddler-Blue Eyes

It was just the beginning; as running a photography business is so much more than holding a camera and telling people to smile. It’s about becoming one of the family, to get to know them, to understand for that brief moment in their lives; I have been blessed to be apart of their most memorable times. It is truly humbling and inspiring that I get to share, to be apart of that experience and to preserve it for generations.

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