I have grown up and made my home in Charles County Maryland, just southeast of our Nation’s Capital, Washington DC! It’s where I met my lovely wife and where we have settled down to raise our family. I have been blessed with an awesome family and a great career as a Paramedic that I love. As a child I had always loved to take pictures; but it wasn’t until after a trip to Monte Carlo that I got my first DSLR Camera and then I truly found my passion and potential for photography. I quickly discovered that great photography is more than just pressing the shutter. Not only does every photograph tell a story, but that an artistically captured moment elicits emotion, memories and draws you into the moment for years to come. With my photography work I have been truly blessed to capture the beauty of God’s creation; a child’s wide-eyed innocent smile, the joy and happiness of a newly wedded couple, the wholeness of a family together and the potential of a young adult as they transition to college and begin their way of life. Photography is an art and the world is a blank canvas waiting to be captured thru the artistic use of light, composition and a beautiful smile!

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